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Establishment of Tax Departments

Enterprise Tax Partnering is particularly suitable in cases that require establishment of a tax department. In the course of carve-outs, start-ups or acquisitions, tax obligations exist from day one – at the same time, establishing a tax department is a major challenge, not merely in terms of time.

In particular, the concrete requirements for resources are often unclear at the beginning. In addition, experience shows that it’s very difficult nowadays to recruit suitable employees at short notice.

As a result, critical tax processes can often only be set up or documented with a delay and increased workload, which entails considerable compliance risks and reduced efficiency.

We are familiar with these challenges and will be happy to support you in setting up your tax department from day 1. Thus, you will benefit from the flexibility and expertise we have gained in many successfully completed projects.

Furthermore, we are always in a position to quickly and easily meet short-term resource requirements by involving additional consultants and professional staff. This ensures you will meet tax compliance requirements at all times.