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Transactional disputes (post-M&A litigation)

In uncertain times, disputes arising from company acquisition agreements increase, even on small-cap and mid-cap transactions. Often just after the closing dinner, both the sellers and the purchasers begin discussions on how to subsequently correct the transaction results. Whether it involves disputes connected to purchase price adjustment provisions, breaches of guarantees, indemnity or valuation questions – the formidable team at Bergemann Schönherr & Partners will protect your interests and ensure you are in the optimal strategic position. The supervision of transactional disputes is an independent advisory area and you benefit from our firm’s network of disciplines. Even on transactions, in which we were not involved as advisors, we are free of conflicts of interest and give our clients the full benefit of our litigation expertise.

Transactional disputes (post-M&A litigation) – our spectrum of services:

  • Thorough and independent analysis of the factual and legal positions in company purchase agreements
  • From the perspective of the purchaser, we will show you possible options in order to assert your interests
  • From the perspective of the seller, we will determine an effective defense strategy and avoid unfair allegations with a clear communication strategy
  • Should it nevertheless come to a legal dispute, we work together with you forensically on resolving it in an arbitral tribunal or state court