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Tax planing / Tax structuring

A portfolio you can be proud of: our services with regard to tax planning and tax structuring. Our specialists are ideally qualified to deal with diverse thematic issues and provide you with complete coverage of all aspects by working together as an integrated team. From the formation to the structuring and financing leading up to the sale of a company, we accompany you – as a team that uses all of its collective experience for your benefit.

Tax planning / Tax structuring – our spectrum of services:

  • Optimal tax assistance on corporate measures regarding the formation of companies
  • Optimal tax assistance on the acquisition of companies, conversions and mergers
  • Tax assistance on the formation of holding and supporting structures and other operational measures related to corporate group tax structuring
  • Execution of tax due diligence assessments in the context of company acquisitions and sales
  • Tax advice on real estate transactions
  • Coordination with taxation authorities on complex structuring issues to ensure legal certainty
  • Creation of company succession concepts