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Corporate provisions, company succession

Corporate provisions

Are you and your company well-prepared in case something unexpected happens? Corporate provisions are a question of the future, for which every responsible entrepreneur should be prepared, sooner or later. Bergemann Schönherr & Partners has developed a special set of services for such cases. As experienced advisors, we will tailor the solution to your needs in order to allow a smooth continuation of your company’s business in unexpected dire times.

Corporate provisions – our spectrum of services:

  • Preparing precautionary powers of attorney (if applicable, with care directives and living will)
  • Preparing general and commercial powers of attorney
  • Preparing a provisions file that contains all important information and documents
  • Coordination of the corporate provisions concept within the company law framework (corporate agreements, etc.)
  • Active planning of company succession

Company succession

As is the case for company establishments, company successions must also be regulated. Experience shows: the preparations for succession almost never begin too soon, but often too late. In order to make sure it’s a success story, we will gladly advise and work with you on all legal and tax matters related to company succession.

Company succession – our spectrum of services:

  • Legal and tax succession planning for the successful transfer of the company
  • Organizing a company transfer during one’s lifetime (sale for a lump sum payment, sale for purchase price installments, sale for bonds, transfer for usufruct proviso, etc.)
  • Advising on and preparing matrimonial agreements
  • Advising on and preparing testaments, deeds of inheritance or last will