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Long-term Support of Existing Tax Departments

There are many good reasons for long-term, external support of existing tax departments. As with all activities, valuable expertise accumulates over a longer period of time, enabling even more efficient processing of the duties that arise in day-to-day business. Combined with the experience from other tax departments, we provide considerable added value for your company.
Through long-term involvement and integration into your company, we know your relevant systems and personnel interfaces, as well as characteristics specific to your company and are able to independently ascertain and process the facts (e.g. in the context of inquiries related to a tax audit).
We also bring this knowledge to bear on your internal projects, thereby providing you with extremely efficient and purposeful support.
We offer you reliability in planning – meeting deadlines is our top priority. Because we can involve additional colleagues whenever necessary, we can always present high-quality and practical solutions in a timely manner.
The long-term support can be individually tailored to your needs. Ongoing support in day-to-day business is possible, as is support during recurring peaks in your workload.
In particular, foreign companies without their own tax department in their local divisions often prefer us to the traditional external advisor because we are a partner with corporate expertise.